EYCA and ISIC cards enable the youth and student population to have many benefits during their studies, but also in everyday life through benefits from different fields (culture, tourism, traffic, trade, entertainment, education, plenty of services and accommodation) both in our country and abroad. As unique types of cards across the world, they confirm the student (ISIC) and youth (EYCA) status at the international level. Among them there is an ITIC card, which represents the international professor’s ID.

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An international identification card that offers numerous benefits in our country and other European countries to young people under the age of 30, regardless of whether they are students, employees or the unemployed.


The only internationally recognized student ID that has the status of an official document at many universities and schools around the world and provides numerous discounts and benefits. It is intended for students aged from 12 years.

chip card

In addition to electronic data recording in Student homes throughout Serbia and Colleges, the Student Chip card contains ISIC and EYCA cards, which means that you can use all of their benefits.


It enables electronic data recording in Students homes throughout Serbia, but it also contains EYCA card, which means that you can use all of its benefits.


An international professor identification card intended for professors from primary schools, secondary schools and faculties.

maestro card

It is intended for students between the ages of 18 and 28 who want to have a payment function in one card besides ISIC benefits.


European youth center was founded in Serbia in 2002 and it is representing the project of the European Youth Card (EYCA) which, in addition to numerous benefits from various fields, aims to enable the youth and student population to participate in many international programs that encourage mobility and youth awareness.

As a long-term partner of the Global Travel Group in Serbia, European Youth Center has the exclusive right to participate in the development of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which joins the world’s unique project for students and it is present in over 120 countries of the world.


The student card is designed to support the mobility of young people and students, to encourage learning about different cultures and to participate in various programs and projects.

Cardholders can realize numerous discounts and benefits in Serbia and throughout Europe on education, culture, sports, tourism, entertainment, recreational contents and various youth events.


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