EYCA – European youth card

EYCA card is an international identification card that offers numerous benefits in our country and other European countries. In addition to many discounts from different areas, it represents a ticket for young people to the world of information, culture and youth happenings in order to encourage their mobility.

Who can apply for EYCA card?

  • All young people between the age of 7 and 30, regardless of whether they are students, employees or the unemployed

What do you get with the EYCA card?

  • UNIQA insurance wherever you are 24h and travel insurance for an unlimited number of trips during the validity of the membership fee (this applies only for citizens of the Republic of Serbia)

You can find out more about insurance in UNIQA Insurance section

  • Discounts in our country and other European countries that can be searched in the section Discounts.

Discounts are related to different areas: the purchase of tickets for museums, theaters, tickets for bus and rail traffic, accommodation in hotels and hostels, visits to catering facilities, the purchase of wardrobe and other needs of young people in different chains of commerce and on travel services.

  • Gifts throughout the year on promotions and through social networks

It is necessary to follow Facebook and Instagram profiles for card users in order to be informed about all news

  • Participation in competitions on different topics and events for young people
EYCA kartica1

How to become a user of EYCA card?

Needed documents:

  • Personal document (ID card, passport or health card for minors) only for visual inspection
  • One small photo (size for an ID card)
  • 1200 dinars for the membership fee that is valid for one year from the date of issuance of the card. If the cardholder turns up 30 years during the validity of the card, the same card will be valid until the 30th birthday.

You can apply for EYCA card in one of the following ways:

  1. In the office of Customer Service: Starine Novaka 1 (first floor), Belgrade, Monday – Friday , 08 AM – 4 PM
  2. At one of the distribution sites in Serbia
  3. By online ordering on the following link

Users of EYCA cards who renew their membership earn a discount of 150 dinars per membership fee if they show their old card only in the office of Customer Service.

List of distribution sites in Serbia:


1. Contact centre
Makedonska 42, Belgrade
+381 64 312 9076
Monday-Friday (08 AM – 4 PM)

2. AIESEC – International Association of Students of Economics and Management
Local Committee of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Jove Ilića 154, Belgrade

3. GORA D.O.O.
Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 123v, New Belgrade
+381 312 15 13, www.gora-i.com
Monday-Friday (09 AM – 09 PM),
Saturday (10AM – 6PM),
Sunday not working


1. BAS Consulting
Kralja Aleksandra 12, Pariski magazin, III floor, store 57.
+381 21 3015 119, +381 69 5030 423, www.vizaaplikacije.com
Monday-Friday (09 AM – 5 PM)


1. Educational Center Kruševac
Birčaninova 26, Kruševac,
+381 37 350 26 44
Monday-Friday (09 AM – 09 PM)