ISIC Maestro card

Who can you apply for the ISIC Maestro OTP card?

  • All students who have certificate from the faculty that they have enrolled studies in current school year and have between 18 and 28 years.

What do you get with the ISIC card?

ISIC is the only internationally recognized student ID proving student status in more than 120 countries around the world.

  • Unique international STUDENT ID
  • Discounts in our country and other countries across the world that can be searched in section Discounts

Discounts are related to different areas: the purchase of tickets for museums, theaters, tickets for bus and rail traffic, accommodation in hotels and hostels, visits to catering facilities, the purchase of wardrobe and other needs of young people in different chains of commerce and on travel services.

  • Gifts throughout the year on promotions and through social networks

It is necessary to follow Facebook and Instagram profiles for card users in order to be informed about all news

  • Benefits on application for WORK & TRAVEL cultural exchange program for users of ISIC cards who meet the application requirements for the program. More about the program on the following link
isic maestro1

What are the advantages of the payment function and characteristics of the banking package?

The ISIC Maestro card allows you to pay for goods and services, as well as to raise cash at ATMs with Maestro in Serbia and abroad.

The student open package at the OTP Bank includes:

  • Dinar and foreign exchange current account
  • VISA Virtuon Card for payments via the Internet
  • SMS service – for total account and card control. The first 5 messages are free
  • OTP Direct – electronic banking through which you have complete insight into your billing package and who can pay bills
  • Allowed overdraft in the amount of 20,000 dinars if the parent is a guarantor
  • ISIC Maestro Payment Card OTP Bank is a debit card
  • The first 5 pay slips in the month at the OTP bank counter is charged with a commission of only 15 dinars
  • Monthly maintenance of the account is only 20 dinars
  • Money withdrawal at ATMs of OTP bank across Serbia is without commission

How and where can you apply for the ISIC Maestro OTP card?

You can apply for the ISIC Maestro OTP card in one of the branch offices of OTP Bank throughout Serbia.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of ID card (it is necessary that the user is between 18 and 28 years old)
  • Copy of document confirming student status (one of the following two):
  1. First two pages of the student Index and the page with the confirmation and a stamp that show the student has enrolled to the ongoing semester of the school year. 
  1. Certificate of enrollment in studies in the current school year issued by faculty or school.
  • 700 dinars for the annual membership fee ( ISIC card I valid from 1st September of current school year to 31st December of the next school year (the card validity is related to the school year).