Privacy Policy

Privacy policy in accordance with GDPR

This site contains a privacy policy, our obligations to users regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR), and information about using cookies.Evropski omladinski centar respects and safeguards the personal integrity of the people who visit our site in the following way:Website guarantees that the information you provided to us will not in any way be misused, sold or forwarded to third parties.

Like all other pages on the Internet, we use cookies to collect anonymous information that helps us improve and improve the functionality of the site. Based on this information we can know which content is popular.

All data, cookies, and private data, such as name, surname, e-mail address or home address, will not be collected without the express consent of the user.

Collection, use and processing of personality data

Website will receive your personal information when users are registered on the website and also, users will be notified of membership fees and discounts.

The data collected during the registration of the user consists of a name, surname, Unique Citizens Identity Number, registration number and email address. For users of certain cards, it is necessary to leave the passport number when downloading a certificate of the travel insurance. You can also decide to leave your mobile phone number, residence details and education details.

This data is used to open a personal profile, access specific options of the website and to inform users about discounts and benefits. The email address you enter when registering serves only as a permission to open a profile and do not give us permission to send you news.

Cardholders who leave their contact number of the mobile phone agree to receive SMS notifications about discounts and benefits from the portal

The information collected when applying for our news / newsletter is email, name and surname. Users agree to submit a newsletter to the newsletter and agree to receive news related to the work of the website, as well as news related to discounts and benefits on our portal.

It is given to the user that it may at any time withdraw and withdraw consent to receive these news by clicking on the “I allow an organization to send me newsetter and discount notifications” in the user profile.

All user data collected through the EOC application form will be kept in good faith, respecting the privacy of the users, and will not give it to other persons other than the competent authority in case of misuse or forgery of documents.

Contact information such as mail and mobile phone number will be used exclusively to inform users about discounts and benefits from the portal


Website uses “cookies” to help users adjust the usage of the Internet to their needs.

Using website, the user agrees to use the cookies as well as that the information about the listed is used for statistical purposes of tracking the site’s visit, which articles are interesting to readers and to improve the work and speed of the page.

Cookies do not contain user personal information and may not be used to identify the individual user. A cookie often contains a unique identifier, an anonymous number (randomly selected) that is stored on your computer.

In order to make sure the personal data of the users are secure, website has taken all objective measures, organizational, technical and human resources to protect data from loss, unauthorized alteration, theft or access. Personnel who are in contact with the personal data of the user, it is obligatory to handle the data with maximum caution, respecting the privacy of the users.

We undertake not to use the collected data for any other purpose or to forward them to third parties.

How to manage cookies?

The cookies that are placed on the website, users can be deleted or blocked. For more on how to control cookies, card users can find the pages using the browser they use. We do not recommend users for blocking cookies, because in this way they can deny themselves certain features of the site and access certain content.

Use of program attachments on social networks

Plug-in programs on social networks and Twitter can be installed on our website. Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. provide related services (“providers”).

Facebook is managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). To view the program ports on Facebook and their look, visit:

Twitter is managed by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. To view the Twitter buttons and their looks, visit:

In order to increase users’ data protection when visiting or website, these connectors are implemented as “double-click buttons”. This form of integration ensures that, when accessing our portal containing these ports, users are not automatically connected to the provider’s servers.
The search engine creates a direct connection to the service provider’s server only if users activate connectors that provide data transfer permission. The contents of the various connectors are then transmitted from the search engine directly to the user’s browser and then displayed on the user’s screen. The connection shows the provider that the users have accessed to the Internet. If user during the search of the website is registered to his / her user account on Facebook or Twitter, the provider may check what the user is interested in or information that users access with their user account.

By using any of the connection functions (for example, by clicking on the “I like” button, commenting) this information is also passed on to the service provider by the browser in order to preserve it.
For more information about collecting and using data via Facebook or Twitter, and about the rights and opportunities available to privacy users in these circumstances, you can find in the provider’s Data Protection / Privacy Warnings:

Privacy and Privacy Warnings issued by Facebook:
Privacy and Privacy Warnings issued by Twitter:

To prevent Facebook or Twitter from linking users’ visits to our Internet portal using a user account with these providers, it is necessary that the user log out of the account in question before accessing the internet portal.

By registering and using the portal, it is considered that the user has read, understood and accepted the Personal Data Protection Rules. The rules are subject to change, and we ask the users to periodically check the current version.

If, after changing the rules, the user continues to use the portal, it will be considered that user agrees with the changes to the Personal Data Protection Rules.